Friday, April 24, 2009

In the writing business we have a saying...conquer the white. This is really just a catch-y phrase for writer's block! Normally this malady doesn't plague me, but two tragic accidents-- within a short time of each other--produced in me a short slump and depression that caused me to have trouble focusing on writing and the like. For a while, it felt like just a lot of winter and darkness around here. However, I'm pulling out of the slump and I ask your forgiveness for writing one entry and then.....nothing. I'm back! To coin one of my favorite Josh Ritter song's: long time comin but now, winter's gone!

For those of us who love travel we push aside the obvious risks realizing they rarely occur. Sadly for our friends, the Feldkamps and the Bucks, this was not the case. The former have a private plane which they sent to pick up family members for a much anticipated week of skiing in Montana with kids and grandkids. (The elder Feldkamps chose to drive rather than fly.) Most of you probably remember this horrific crash since it was all over the news during the March spring break. My husband, attorney for the family, handled all the media coverage. It was a sad, sad loss and we all mourn for that family.

If this weren't enough, not long after the tragic plane crash, we received more bad news. Dear friends, Archie and Beckey Buck, got a call that their son, Isaiah, was in a horrific accident coming home from a church survival outing in Hell's Canyon. On the way home their extended cab pick up slid off the side of a mountain, plummeting 350 feet below. The driver was killed, 5 were seriously injured and one walked away with a few scratches and bruises.

However, the worst injury was sustained by Isaiah, the Buck's youngest son. For weeks he has been in a coma, though there are many good signs he may be coming out. Last Saturday the family was able to move him to a rehab facility in Boise, ID. They have been greatly encouraged, as are all of us who are praying for his complete recovery.

The outpouring of love, kindness and sympathy to the Bucks has been overwhelming. A local pie auction (this is a county of about 8000 folks) raised over $10,000! If you would like to know more of Isaiah's story go to and, where prompted, type in isaiahbuck. To know more you can also become a friend to Archie Buck on Facebook.

Okay, that's all for now but I promise that my next entry (very soon) will take us back to the story of manager, Charlotte Cline. See you soon!

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